Spiced Roots Restaurant is a new and exciting Caribbean Restaurant that opens its first of many restaurants in Oxford.


The main aim of Spiced Roots is to give the people of Oxford a genuine Caribbean Experience in fine food and drink creating the authentic Caribbean experience and atmosphere to all its customers.
Its objective is to leave the customer fully satisfied and wanting to come back for more!
We have created a high quality restaurant that will take you on a Caribbean journey. The food has been created and developed in house by our world famous chef Hasan Defour.
We use fresh homemade, and locally sourced ingredients to prepare our food, to guarantee all of our food is full of that Caribbean flavour, creating an unforgettable taste across all our dishes.
You can’t have a genuine Caribbean experience without experiencing the fine drinks that complement our foods
and who better to deliver this than the world renowned Rum ambassador Ian A. V Burrell. Each one of Ian’s drinks comes with a history and a story.

Private & Corporate Caribbean Catering

These choices of services show that we aim to please all customers that enjoy delving into the Caribbean tasteful experience.
We give you the taste of the Caribbean without the airfare, and we are known for being one of the first of its kind in the UK. We are not a fast food outlet.

Too often we are so preoccupied with destination, we forget the journey. If food is a journey then the experience you’ll have at Spiced Roots will only enhance and enrich your journey. Leaving you feeling deeply satisfied at your destination.

So come and join in the Spiced Roots Caribbean Experience!

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